Ortus Labs Announces Groundbreaking Software Based Product, Combines Artificial Intelligence with Video

“Opus Vision” by Ortus Labs, Inc., Tracks Multiple Objects in Motion, Distinguishing Size and Trajectory

A revolutionary new product uniting vision with artificial intelligence has been announced by Dallas-based Ortus Labs, Inc. Opus Vision is a software-based solution which allows any network-connected video camera to become an intelligent, learning, data collection resource with the ability to identify, differentiate and track people, vehicles or objects in motion. The system is scalable and adaptable to any existing camera system opening the door to hundreds of practical, affordable applications from municipal traffic monitoring and law enforcement to malls, airports, sports stadiums and other large event sites to small businesses tracking their in-store retail patterns. By applying deep learning, the Opus Vision system can be “custom-trained” while also avoiding the expensive image-processing hardware that other smart camera systems require. Opus Vision software can be run on-site or in the cloud for complete flexibility.

Ortus Labs was founded in 2016 by software systems specialist and serial entrepreneur John Thakkar whose previous endeavor, Nexgen Wireless, was purchased by NASDAQ-listed PCTEL in 2015 for 8-figures. Launched in 2000, Nexgen Wireless was listed for five consecutive years in Inc. Magazine’s yearly “5000 Fastest Growing Companies” feature for its steady 50% CAGR, peaking at 185 employees generating $20 million annual revenue. Nexgen Wireless produced a near real-time cellular network monitoring tool founded by Thakkar.

“It’s cognitive computer vision,” says Ortus Labs founder and president John Thakkar. “Opus Vision is based on artificial intelligence and deep learning to produce a system that can accurately identify and track a full range of objects in motion to create highly valuable analytics over time. For example, with a single camera a city can monitor traffic flow at an intersection, getting a count of all the pedestrians and different sized vehicles with their direction and speed.”

As part of its beta testing phase, Ortus Labs is offering Opus Vision for free through an early adopters program. Interested businesses are encouraged to sign up at the company’s website. Because of its wide range of applications, Ortus Labs is looking both large and small businesses, in all industries. The early adopters program is invite-only, drawing from the pool of applicants who will work closely with the Ortus team in providing testing, feedback and suggestions.

Opus Vision Key Features:

•Can recognize people, vehicle or objects

•Can differentiate between vehicle sizes

•Integration with various systems – security, vehicle registration, police systems, or retail

•Integration with existing CCTV cameras already in use

•Detect object’s speed and direction

•Available as a service or on premise solution

•Backed by historical data analytics platform

•Web and mobile based UI

About Ortus Labs, Inc.

Ortus Labs (www.ortuslabs.com) specializes in bridging the gap between data and wisdom to enable businesses in making decisions with confidence. The company takes a “business first, technology second” approach, by applying their employees’ business experience to find practical solutions engineered by skilled data scientists.


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