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Ortus Labs specializes in bridging the gap between data and wisdom that enable businesses in making decisions with confidence.

Ortus Differentiators

  • Business First, Technology Second – Focus on deep expertise in industries we serve for when you want a business solution, not a technology deployment
  • Speed to Value – Our deep business expertise allows us to partner in a more efficient manner with our client as we speak the language of your business
  • Masters of our Craft – We are not generalists and encourage our team to grow their craft and career in specialized business and technology domains

Opus Vision

Deep Learning technology to detect people, vehicle and objects from a live feed resulting in valuable analytics that can lead to workflows, operational intelligence or decision support.

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Opus Sound

Gain incredible qualitative analytics using deep learning applied to sound for prediction and anomaly detection.

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Opus Text

Unleash the power of deep learning to uncover patterns or solve business problems with this technology.

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Ortus Labs specializes in We love to share our knowledge and expertise. Develop your team’s data science talent with Ortus Labs, hands-on training delivered by our industry experts either in-house or at any one of our public workshops.

“The things we have to learn before we do them,
we learn by doing them.”
― Aristotle

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Our Team

Ortus Labs was created and is managed by successful software and services industry executives ranked on INC5000 list for five consecutive years while growing at 50% CAGR during this period. Our leadership team brings in extensive enterprise systems execution and outstanding delivery credentials across numerous industries and public and private sectors.

Ortus Labs builds its team by only selecting resources who have deep domain or technical experience, proven technical skills, and are highly proficient in specific sought after areas of cutting-edge deep learning or machine learning technologies. These cutting-edge skills we have often found are the gaps at organizations across North America, from mid-tier to Fortune 500, and at big 4 consulting firms as well.